Decorating for Fall

I know, I know...I'm talking about decorating for fall on the last day of September!  I may be a little behind, but when it comes to months of the year, I always think of October and November as "Fall".  Here in New England, September usually still feels like summer...the kids are still wearing shorts and t-shirts, we have warm (even hot!) days, and there's still sand on the floor of my car from our last beach days.  And if you're tempted to buy those first mums that appear in the stores and garden centers the third week in August, the blooms will definitely not last until late October!  So before I start hauling up my "Fall D├ęcor" boxes from the basement, I need some chilly nights, apple picking, and autumn leaves.  Now that it's looking like this (below) here in Massachusetts, I'm ready to go! (I did pick up some red mums last week, and they've been flanking my front porch steps).

When it comes to fall decorating, I usually cover these three areas: 1. The Front Door/Entrance  2. The Mantle and 3. Table tops

These front entrances are lovely!

Starfish CottageNatural Autumn Entry
.@Eddie Ross | Fall front door decor #pinehillfarm
Don't forget a pretty wreath (or two!)...Autumn wreath. White pumpkins look good on a dark door.
Fall Decorating Ideas: Fall Wheat Wreath
Heading inside, check out these mantles...fall mantle
fall mantel
Fall Mantel Decorating - Step by Step Tips - Finding Home
Fall Decorating
This banner is easy to make using burlap or linen, twine and letter stamps.
Last but not least, tabletops...
elegant fall vignette of botanicals and gourds
I love the neutral palette of this arrangement (above).
Indian Corn Candle ~ many more pics with link!!
Isn't this a great (& easy) idea! Use a hot glue gun to keep the corn in place, then just wrap the twine around it!
tiered pumpkin tablescape by @Melissa Henson Mustard Seed
Beautiful fall table
 Harvest Vignette: Pay homage to autumn by creating a tabletop vignette for guests to admire. Simply arrange branches with colorful leaves in textured containers to create a relaxed, homey atmosphere.
65 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas for the Table or Buffet
A collection of branches, grasses, or nuts are all easy ways to bring Autumn to your table.
How do you decorate for fall?
Heart full of apples
These photos were taken from my Pinterest board.  Visit my "Autumn" board for more creative fall decorating ideas.
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Fall Giveaway

I'm excited to announce the first Summerland Homes & Gardens Giveaway! 
One lucky winner will receive this Pottery Barn antique mercury glass pumpkin!

Decorate for fall with this lovely pumpkin and give this harvest season a classic festive glow. The pumpkin is  6.5" diameter, 6.5" high and washed with antiqued silver nitrate for a reflective shine.
Here’s the scoop:  Your name will be entered in the drawing each time you do one of the following:
On FaceBook:  Like Summerland Homes & Gardens, like a post, comment on a post.  You can also share this giveaway on your personal facebook page (Just leave me a comment.)

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(For example, leave 6 comments- your name will be entered 6 times.)
The contest starts today and runs through Sunday, October 6th.  The winner’s name will be randomly  drawn and announced on Monday, October 7th.  If you’re not local, I will ship the pumpkin to you.

Help spread the news- tell your friends. Good luck and start commenting!

And Monday on the blog: Fall Decorating Ideas.

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Gallery Walls

I know I had promised photos of our new living room floor, but in the middle of writing the post last week my computer crashed, and is now completely dead.  So a new computer is being bought today (I'm writing this on my husband's laptop) and then I'll be able to rescue my photos through my online backup service.  Ugh!  So today I'm talking gallery walls.  This is a great way to showcase photos and artwork (and fill up a blank wall!).

Gallery wall around dresser mirror
{decor inspiration | two lovely things : pink silk & gallery walls} by {this is glamorous}, via Flickr
Grouping photos/artwork together creates a greater impact than small pieces hung alone.  Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when putting together a gallery wall.

Keep with a theme and create a symmetrical gallery wall.

Arranging same size frames in a grid is easy and timeless.

Use mattes and frames in the same color to unify unrelated photos and artwork.#gallery
I like how this arrangement goes from the floor to the ceiling.
Create a salon-style gallery: a collage of frames in a variety of sizes.
gallery wall
2010 | Seabrook, WA | Dining Room | Designer: Tim Clarke
Line your stairway to amp up your stairs.
... in the fun lane: Shopping my own home gallery wall with blue & whites...
gallery stair wall
When arranging your frames on a stair wall, be sure to follow the upward angle of the steps.
Photo ledges offer the option of easily switching out your artwork.
Photo display | #photographs #framing #photodisplay
Layering different size frames creates an informal look. Added bonus- less nail holes in your walls!
When trying to decide on your arrangement of photos/artwork, I have found the easiest way is to lay out the frames on the floor, moving them around until you have a pleasing arrangement.  Then trace the frames and hang the paper templates on the wall, adjusting as needed.
Such a clever idea on how to plan photo placement. Use the cardboard that comes with the frame! Genius!
photo wall
I hope this inspires you to create a gallery wall in your home!
In the entry
Unless noted, photos are from my Pinterest boards.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or ask questions in the comments section below.

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